Last weekend, more than 200 teams from 65 countries came together for the World Robotic Olympiad – digitally, of course – and I was there with Robopolitan. At the streaming event, kids and teens around the globe competed in worldwide competitions. It was really fascinating to see what skills the next generation has already developed with robots and how natural it is for them to use this technology. But what many people don’t know is that the topic of robots is actually not that new. After all, the first company to produce robots was founded back in 1961 and produced welding robots for the automotive industry.

Where there are robots, Jean Olivier must not be absent

Of course, we were there, too. We. By that I mean the show robot Robopolitan and me. Because where digital technology, robots and online magic come together, that’s where we feel at home. And so we were able to plunge into the adventure of showing the young robotics experts something completely new with Robo Magic. It was also a novelty for us. Because enchanting several thousand spectators at a global event around the world via stream is not something we do every day. It was all the more beautiful to see the beaming and fascinated faces on the monitors. It was a great pleasure for us to present our robot show at this big streaming event. And we will gladly continue to enchant the robot developers of the future with technology magic in the years to come. Long live the robo-magic!