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Magician Tokyo Yokohama Japan

Drone magician Jean Olivier astonishes his audience in Tokyo, Yokohama and all Japan

In a private or in a professional setting, the drone magician Jean Olivier astonishes his audience with his charming, cheeky and professional manner. The talented magician performances an innovative and modern show in Tokyo, Yokohama and all Japan. All he needs is a smart phone, a tablet and a drone.                                       

Magic at your business event and trade fair booth

At private eventsbusiness events - company anniversaries, cooperate events or Christmas parties – as well as trade fairs Jean Olivier performance with great success by including the idea or the character of the event in his show. The magician Jean Olivier amazes his audience with his drone magic show that combines high-tech with modern magic. His stage partner, the drone “Lilli”, is his most important tool. She can speak, fly and read the audiences’ minds. For this innovative show magician Jean Olivier is awardee of the German Championship of Magic. Next to German, Jean Olivier performance also in English and French with great success at international events.

You want to watch Jean Olivier with his drone magic show? Book the magician now for your event in Tokyo and all Japan. Your guests will be shocked and awed. If you are looking for an illusionist and magician in China or Hong Kong magician Jean Olivier is the right show act for your event.  



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