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Trade Fair Magic

A successful performance for your company:

Cast a spell on your exhibition audience


Transform your exhibition booth into the main attraction. With magic your booth becomes the audiences’ magnet of attention. It lets people fascinate, who in return will convey their excitement to other trade fair visitors. Every exhibitor knows that many more people will gather around ones booth once an audience has built up around you. For instance, become an eye witness of how Jean Olivier transforms a 10 € banknote into a 50 € banknote.

Naturally, even in this case magic is not used as an end in itself, as “l’art pour l’art”. The focus of attention will always be your company and your exhibition message. Jean Olivier knows how to cast a spell on your audience, and gladly integrates your innovations and messages skilfully into his performance. With the help of magic your trade fair appearance will gain a great deal of attention.

Magic has always challenged people’s minds. Thus, it is the perfect medium to deliver your messages. The magic contents will stay in your visitor’s’ minds for a long time. That is something Jean Olivier achieves with ease – whether in German, English or French.


Videotrailer - Trade Fair Magic

Videotrailer - Trade Fair Duo - Show of Innovations


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