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Private Events

Tricks and illusions

to delight everyone


Faster than the human eye can grasp, objects disappear, reappear or transform. Jean Olivier is even able to let balls and coins appear and multiply in the hands of his audience. For a moment, time and space seem to defy the laws of physics. That’s the moment when the magic electrifies the audience.

Amaze your guests with magic. Well-performed magic tricks inspire adults’ as well as children’s imagination to the same extent. Jean Olivier is always responsive to his audience, and gives them riddles to solve which not only provide a lot fun, but also a positive lasting effect on them.

Unforgettable impressions will enrich your private party, a birthday party or a wedding. Jean Olivier, a multiple award-winning magician, is extremely professional when it comes to providing good entertainment for you and your guests.


Videotrailer - Private Events


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