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Christmas Party

Your Christmas Party with magician Jean Olivier

The magic formula for your successful Christmas Party


Jean Olivier offers you different enchantment shows for your Christmas Party. He will fascinate your clients, business partners and employees. He will make memorable moments of Christmas enchantment, for example, during the receipt or between the courses of a culinary event, from the stage or directly at the tables.


1) The Christmas Party

We recommend you a Christmassy magic show with a length of 20 to 30 minutes. The audience will be actively involved into the show. Amazement and laugh are guaranteed.


2) Close-up enchantment for your Christmas Party

It does not always have to be the big stage. The close-up show of Jean Olivier has its special charm. Here the magic happens directly in front of the audiences’ eyes.


3) Individual Christmas show for your Christmas Party

You want to restage your product or your service or you have a special wish? The magician Jean Olivier gladly develops a Christmas program particularly for the Christmas Party of your company.


Videotrailer - Ideas for your Christmas Party

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