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Jean Olivier

A magician with charm:

Good entertainment does not need to be “sorcery”


Those who know Jean Olivier know that his passion for magic has long ago become part of his “real world”. That is why he decided, after a successful degree in landscape architecture, to turn his magical hobby into a full time profession.

Whether it is a performance at a private party or in a business environment: Due to his cultural background, he is able to fascinate his audience in German and his second mother tongue, French. In addition to that, this multilingual entertainer is also known and appreciated for his performances in English at international trade fairs and congresses.

Good entertainment does not need to be “sorcery”. It is the result of intensive learning and practise. In 2010, Jean Olivier came second in the preliminaries of the German Championship in the category “Magic and Music”. In 2011, he maintained this high level at the German Championships and came third in the same category.

Jean Olivier is a member of the Magic Circle of Germany and of the International Federation of Magic Societies, the World Organisation for Magician associations.

Tel: +49 (0) 221 9922 2325
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