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Business magic at the European Sales Meeting from DE-STA-CO in Oberursel near Frankfurt

Increasingly in demand - Business magic for meetings, conferences, congresses and symposia.

At the beginning of this year it was my great pleasure to attend as magician once again a business event of DE-STA-CO. In the last two years I supported with sorcery the company by its great fair appearance at the Euroblech fair in Hannover as well as the Motek fair and the Blechexpo fair in Stuttgart. This time I was invited to the European Sales Meeting of the company in its German headquarters in Oberursel close to Frankfurt.

After lunch I enchanted together with my magical stage partner the drone “Lilli” the employees of DE-STA-CO from all over Europe, Asia and USA. The performance supplied entertainment and the employees started with new energy together in the meeting-afternoon. Afterwards I went to all departments of DE-STA-CO and surprised the other employees with close-up sorcery. The employees were enthusiastic and a magic atmosphere was in the air.

A through and through magic day. I am already looking forward to my next performance for DE-STA-CO – probably at the  Euroblech fair in Hannover from 25. - 29. of October.

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